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Florida Misdemeanor Attorney

Oftentimes when an individual is accused of a misdemeanor crime, they think that the offense is minor and that they can handle the situation on their own.  Being charged with any type of crime, whether it be a misdemeanor or felony offense, is a very serious matter that requires skilled and aggressive legal representation.  The consequences for a misdemeanor conviction can impact your life for a very long time.  Depending upon the specific circumstances of your case, you could face substantial monetary fines and penalties and even be required to spend up to a year of your life in prison.

With so much at stake, you cannot afford to go it alone.  Attorney Mitchell Polay is a top criminal defense attorney who has over three decades of experience successfully defending clients in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases.  He has an intimate understanding of how the criminal justice system works in Florida and he will do everything possible to mount a strong and persuasive defense to combat the charges you are facing. 

Protecting You in Criminal Court


First and Second Degree Misdemeanors in Florida

The state of Florida classifies misdemeanor crimes into two categories: Misdemeanors of the first degree and Misdemeanors of the second degree.  First degree misdemeanors are the most serious misdemeanors and include crimes such as simple battery, possessions of marijuana (under 20 grams) and drunk driving.  While a first degree misdemeanor is less serious than a felony crime, a conviction result in up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Second degree misdemeanors include offenses such as disorderly conduct, loitering and criminal mischief ($200 or less).  In Florida, an individual convicted of a second degree misdemeanor can be punished with a fine of up to $500 and a jail term of up to 60 days.  

Defending Clients in all Types of Misdemeanor Cases

Regardless of whether your offense is classified as a first degree or second degree misdemeanor, Mitch Polay is fully prepared to personally handle every aspect of your case.  He delivers individualized service and vigorous representation in all types of misdemeanor cases, including:

Simple Assault

Simple Battery

Disorderly Conduct

Criminal Mischief

Petit Theft

Simple Trespass

Domestic Violence

Driving with a Suspended License

Reckless Driving

Loitering and Prowling

Possession of Marijuana




Prostitution/Solicitation for Prostitution

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Defense Strategy

What are your rights

Most defendants who are not represented by an attorney plead guilty and accept the consequences of their actions without knowing what those consequences will be. Mitchell B Polay Attorney At Law can help you fight your charges by representing you in court or negotiating with prosecutors on your behalf.

We will do everything we can to get all charges dismissed or reduced so that they don’t affect your future career goals.


One step ahead

You need to act quickly if you have been charged with a criminal offense.


building your case

Mitchell Polay is a lawyer who will work tirelessly to build the best defense possible for you.


achieving your goals

You need a skilled and experienced trial lawyer with an understanding of the law that will help you in your case.

Serving Fort Lauderdale For Over 30 Years

Mitchell B. Polay is a tough, experienced attorney who has handled thousands of criminal cases.

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our Criminal Defense Services Include:

There are many things that can happen from the moment you get arrested to the second you are charged. Call us immediately to discuss protecting your rights. 

Issues that may arise with felonies

With a team of experts to guide you in every step, we will be there for your defense from start to finish. Mitch Polay has more than 30 years of experience defending clients in all types of criminal matters.

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